"Stayzon has changed my life!!"

November 22, 2017

"STAYZON has changed my life! As someone who is germ conscious and someone who suffers from a condition known as Emetophobia contracting certain germs will severely affect my mental health which could put my life in danger - for me this product is a life saver! 



STAYZON is a hand sanitiser that forms a miro-film on any surface- especially your hands, this micro-film kills germs on contact! It’s a like a walking shield against some of the most horrible germs we are faced with today! Most hand sanitisers fall short on some of the hardcore nasties but… a little known fact is that the science behind the mechanics of STAYZON means it will take on most known germs and bacteria!  As someone who lives my life in constant fear of getting sick, I rarely take anything at face value and as a scientist, I always focus on the effectiveness of a product and often contact the companies to find out whether a) the, or one of the active ingredients is either Benzalkonium Chloride or Chlorahexadine and b) whether the concentration is sufficient enough.


FYI Some facts about Norovirus:

The Norovirus causes acute gastrointestinal distress including: severe uncontrollable vomiting and diarrhoea, which is not only distressing to those who contract it but it is also life threatening to the more vulnerable members of our society! It literally kills 1000s every year! It also costs the cruise ship industry literally millions every year! The Norovirus is the most stubborn and hard to kill viruses in world which is why it is so contagious to us which is why products that kill other viruses and or bacteria don’t similarly kill the Norovirus! Very few products are effective at de-activating virion particles of the Norovirus. 


A true fact is In order to kill the Norovirus, studies have shown that a concentration of at least 0.04% of Benzalkonium Chloride is required to kill this virus whereas the popular alcohol-based solutions do not! They have been shown to be significantly less affective at killing this nasty virus and anything like it! If you do your research you’ll see this is spot on! thus any alcohol gels evaporate before they can kill anything! 


“Stayzon makes no therapeutic claim against killing Norovirus”.


As a trained scientist who understands the fundamental elements of microbiology, I have made it my mission to stamp out misinformation! This is my mantra and those who know me best is that I will rant and rave about virus and a bacteria are not the same entity, they are completely different microbes with completely different infection strategies! Not to mention that some of the most deadly diseases that we are protected from through vaccination are caused by viruses (and some bacteria) and sadly due to the anti-vaccination movement these viruses are making a comeback! Like many of us, I am terrified that these deadly diseases will come back with a vengeance. It might not be a constant fear of yours but for me it is, especially the possibility of contracting the Norovirus.



I was sceptical at first about the features and benefits of Stayzon as always I wanted to do my research! So today I contacted the company STAYZON to confirm the concentration of Benzalkonium chloride in STAYZON and I was informed that the concentration was 0.13%, do you know what that means? It means this product is better than anything I have or will ever use in my life. A lot of scientific evidence shows that it will more than likely continue to protect me from further contact with germs and bacteria, and believe me I know what works! I’m forever consulting new and upcoming research, especially peer review.


Now, keep in mind STAYZON is very cautious about their claims and they are only promoting Anti-bacterial properties, they made sure to tell me this, but you can’t argue with the facts and you certainly can’t argue with the science! It’s seriously going to revolutionise the way I live my life as an emetophobic and I feel like I should be sharing this with my fellow emets and immuno-compromised members of society! Seriously, this stuff doesn’t come off, you only have to apply it once a day and its hydro-phobic which means washing your hands won’t change its effectiveness! Imagine not having to wash or sanitise your hands for literally 24 hours!!! Better yet imagine not having to rely on sanitisers every-single-time you go out in public (everyone I know has had to endure this from me!), it’s exhausting and I’m constantly having to re-apply my own chemical concoctions of effective hand sanitisers just to stay sane and feel like I am in control of my phobia!


Being an emetophobic has severely impacted my life and my mental health and this is the reality of the condition! With the invention of this revolutionary technology I feel a lot more comfortable to go out and about in the world, yes… I’m going to touch door handles and surfaces with what will hopefully be with confidence and soon normality!! Hopefully I’ll never have to worry about the awkwardness of explaining why I open a door with my sleeve! Yes I’m my friends and family! I may even shake your hands with confidence now!


In fact I have looked into the science behind the ingredients of this product and I am so confident that I now feel like I can go out in public and touch surfaces I never would have dreamed of before! I’m so excited I even feel like booking a cruise (if I had the money) as this has been something I have always felt I’d never do with my condition! Not to mention, from a scientific outlook this is revolutionary for places like Pre-Schools, Day Cares and Schools because it can act as an extra shield for non-vaccine preventable diseases or… better yet- for any vaccine preventable diseases which may make a comeback now or in future! This stuff is incredible! It’s the best defence out there and the science behind it is pretty concrete! I’m in love!! ❤️


Now I’m not a paid reviewer or advertiser, I literally purchased this product from Woolworths after a friend suggested I try it (and my friends and family can attest to this), I’m just a person who is very happy that such a product will revolutionise my life and the way I live my life, significantly improving the quality of my life! I can’t believe this is a reality. What a day to be alive!


Thanks so much STAYZON, thanks for applying REAL science to a real problem we face in society, because of you I feel a little more normal than I did yesterday! Fellow emets and immunocompromised and OCD alike share this far and wide! Let’s start living like we never have before!!!" 


- Review by Nicole Clark, via Facebook



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