Stayzon Skin hand sanitiser, once a day. Your health is in your hands.

April 4, 2018

Killing 99.99% of most known germs, Stayzon is one of the most advanced sanitisation products on the market today. In fact, with the vast amount of bacteria passed through hand contact, a daily application of Stayzon will stay active for up to 24 hours and help keep those nasties at bay!

Penny, a mother of two from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, uses Stayzon daily as an extra defence against bacteria, along with regular hand washing.


“There are just those times where you can’t get to a sink with soap. For instance yesterday I filled the car with petrol, I had one kid asleep in the car. The bowser felt sticky and disgusting, and I didn’t exactly have time to roam around looking for a clean bathroom. Luckily I’d applied Stayzon that morning, so I was confident that the coating was busily working away on my hands killing the nasty germs. It kind of blows me away that it keeps working even if you wash your hands. All around me people are getting sick, but – touch wood – so far neither myself or the kids have. I put Stayzon on our hands every morning when we get in the car."


Try it. Stayzon Skin hand sanitiser, once a day. Your health is in your hands.


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