Why is Alcohol-Free Hand sanitiser better for you?

November 1, 2017

The trouble with traditional alcohol-based sanitisers is not only is the alcohol absorbed into the body, it also increases the absorption of other chemicals on the hands. This means that traditional sanitisers can cause more harm than good. There have been occasions where young children have had alcohol poising from hand sanitisers. Often there are additional dangerous and flammable chemicals in hand sanitisers, such as Triclosan, which has been recently banned in the USA. Who knows what other poisons are entering the bloodstream along with the alcohol?


Alcohol-based products contain one of two active ingredients; alcohol or isopropanol, a form of secondary alcohol. Both are effective antiseptic products that kill germs and bacteria, and they share many of the same properties. Their main difference is on a molecular level. One distinct property that they both share is that they are highly flammable. The FDA recommends that hand sanitisers should contain 60%-95% alcohol for maximum efficacy; a high concentration which has long raised concerns in both the media and the health care community, not to mentioned customers who have been stripped of the top layers of skin off their hands!


This dryness and cracking off the hands is a common side-effect associated with the repeated use of alcohol based hand sanitisers. This occurs because the alcohol strips away oils in your skin that retain moisture. The temporary absence of these oils can lead to increased skin irritation on the hands and symptoms of dermatitis. Another complaint is that the alcohol found in these products are damaging to floors and walls, causing staining where dispensers may drip or leak.



Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitisers

You can tell if a sanitiser is alcohol-free as it will be in a foam, rather than a gel. Unlike the high concentration of alcohol in alcohol-based products, Stayzon contains less than a 0.1% concentration of 3-trimethoxysilyl propyl dimethyl octadecyl ammonium chloride, the active ingredient, while providing up to 24 hours of protection daily. It is nonflammable, and the low concentrations of active ingredient makes it non-toxic.


Stayzon Skin alcohol free hand sanitiser is easier on the hands, is not sticky and poses no threat in cases of accidental ingestion. The potential as a fire hazard and damage to garments is non-existent. But the outstanding benefit is the extended persistency that occurs. Alcohol-based sanitisers’ ability to kill bacteria ends once the product has dried on the skin.


Stayzon Skin stays active for up to 24 hours and even after the hands are washed.


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